“BBS offers environmental and professional training courses for the transformation of basalt”

Between the 2nd and the 9th of April, with the support of the AECID and the collaboration of the IEFP, theoretical and practical courses were taught related to:

ENVIROMENTAL TRAINING FOR THE TRASFORMATION OF AGGREGATES AND STAFF SELECTION FOR THE INDUSTRIAL UNIT “ROCHA SALINA”, within the project, “Minimization of the environmental impact of the uncontrolled stone extractions and integration of the ‘Pedreiros’ of the Island of Sal, Capo Verde.

The theoretical part of the courses was taught in the classrooms of the “New School” of Espargos, while the practice sides of the courses were taught within the installations of the Industrial Unit “Rocha Salina” of B.B.S., in the north of Sal.

The general target of the project is to contribute positively to the development of the Island of Sal by the creation of sustainable and inclusive wealth, decent employment, and improvement of the environment and welfare of the population.

At the completion of the courses, the 24 students were given the diploma that certifies the assistance and principles learnt. They are all registered in the company´s database as preferential staff for job opportunities that may arise in the industrial department of B.B.S Comércio e Indústria.


-AECID www.eacid.es

-IEPF www.iefp.cv

-“New School”” of Espargos

The B.B.S. Board of Directors would like to send affectionate greetings to all the organisms collaborating in this training courses in the Island of Sal, thank you for their invaluable help and implication, without it, it would had been a lot more difficult to carry out










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