Who we are

B.B.S – COMÉRCIO E INDÚSTRIA, S.A. is a trading company endorsed by Cape Verdean law, with a share capital of 72.000.000$00 (Seventy-two million Cape Verdean Escudos), which is registered since 2006, with register number 1183, in the Registry Conservatory of Sal.

As main activities, our company daily produces aggregates and manufactures basalt stones in the “Industrial Unit Rocha Salina” in the Island of Sal, Cape Verde, for its commercialization in both local and international markets.

B.B.S. is a company established by European shareholders whom have transferred to the Capeverdian market their know-how and their business experience acquired for years of developing the same activity in other European countries.

Our business philosophy is based on a long term basis project, not solely in a sales policy but a procedure of innovation, training and the good work of our collaborators.

B.B.S, which has been in the Cape Verdean market since 2007, feels proud to count with clients from the public sector such as the Local Council of Sal and private companies with exemplary building works such as Tecnicil, Construtora São José, S.G.L, CVBI, Támega, Sopol, Opway, Edifer, Opca, Hagen, C.P.T.P, Comercial Cofricave, etc.